Discussion on ‘The Paradoxical Now’

The artists whose works make up The Paradoxical Now answer questions on medium, instrumentalization and art-making in post-internet Bangladesh – in correspondence with Mustafa Zaman, artist-curator and Editor of Depart, an English-language art quarterly. Jan/Feb 2015. Mustafa Zaman: Medium specificity is a thing of the past, or so we like to think. We now take […]

Discussion on ‘Fragments of the Anthropocene’

The following text is a discussion between Zihan Karim and Shimul Saha, and two art practitioners, activists and educators, Dhali Al Mamoon and Mahbubur Rahman, who have had an important role in the development of the two young artists’ practices. The conversation specifically relates to the exhibition “Fragments of the Anthropocene”, and it sheds light […]