The limitless luminosity of Art: drawings, watercolours and oils

Syed Azizul Haque With his lifelong devotion to art, Safiuddin Ahmed has greatly enriched the tradition of drawing and oil painting in our country, besides making pioneering contribution to graphic art. His works display a wide experimental range, reaching out from academic pursuits to embrace some contemporary trends in European art. The result has been […]

Tayeba Begum Lipi by Abul Mansur

In Bangladesh, women who are engaged in the visual arts, often find themselves negotiating an adverse territory as they seek to locate themselves within a tradition where they have been historically discriminated against and which has been defined in male terms. While some women have dealt with these issues through deconstructing the visual imagery, others have disparagingly […]

মানুষের মনে প্রকৃতির ঐক্য তৈরি করা

ড. বোরহানউদ্দিন খান জাহাঙ্গীর শিল্পীর স্বাভাবিক প্রতিবেশ হচ্ছে বাস্তব। বাস্তবকে সবসময় খুঁজতে হয়, কামরুল হাসানের কাজে এই খোঁজার শেষ নেই। বাস্তবের উলটো কাল্পনিকতা নয়, বরং বাস্তব থেকে কাল্পনিকতা তৈরি হয়। কামরুল হাসান, তাঁর কাজে, এই বিরোধ ভুল বলে ভেবেছেন। ঘটনা হচ্ছে বাস্তব মুষ্টিবদ্ধ করার এক উপায়, বাস্তব ঘটনা থেকেই তিনি কাল্পনিকতা নির্মাণ করেছেন। শিল্পী মাত্র, […]

Zainul Abedin by Abul Hasnat

Pioneering artist Zainul Abedin began the Institute of Art in Dhaka with just two small rooms, eighteen students, and a Herculean effort. Immediately after the Partition of 1947, the newly-formed Pakistan was openly sceptical towards modern art in a tradition-based society. Despite religious and cultural pressures, political and environmental turmoil, this revolutionary initiative eventually evolved […]